19 April 2020


W was tasked to launch Marc Jacobs Beauty’s Shameless foundation, inspired by Marc Jacobs’ very own shameless attitude and his tattoo that serves as a daily reminder to strive for self-acceptance.  ​


W conceptualised the launch event to reflect Marc’s very own Shameless mantra in every shape and form – from the quirky décor to surprise drag queen performances by Becca d’Bus and entourage. W hosted key media, makeup artistes and influencers at the event.


Media attendees were pleasantly surprised as they thought the event brought out the essence of Marc’s shameless spirit for the foundation.

• Total estimated reach of 4.4 million through coverage

• 90 media, makeup artists and influencers attendees at Shameless launch event​

• 5 interviews with Global Artistry Ambassador Hung Vanngo​