Moët & Chandon

19 April 2020



A true icon, Moët & Chandon has been the central ingredient to many of life’s most memorable moments. However, in Asia, due to its ubiquitous nature, compounded by the influx of ‘new-luxury’ brands, Moët & Chandon needed to re-establish its desirability. Now, for an emerging audience of millennials who look for unique experiences, this mass availability had the potential to be damaging to the perception they had on Moet. How could we further build out Moët’s desirability factor?


With a focus on Moët Grand Day, the day where friends and guests of the historic Champagne house come together around the world, to raise their glasses in a toast to Moët & Chandon Imperial, we set out to help revive the brand’s legendary savoir-fête with a Gypset Summer Soirée exclusively for Singapore’s top tier media and KOLs. This was devised to move away from the traditional and promotional format to create a more premium and aspirational, brand-building event.

Working exclusively with top-tier influencers and media to control the visual narrative, we used our extensive insights into influencer behaviour and needs to create a bespoke, highly Instagrammable space to share with their audience. Recognising that media and influencers are natural story-tellers who seek out engaging and luxurious content to share with followers, we devised a three-pronged strategy to ensure we were engaging with our guests pre, during and post the event itself.

First, we selected an location and programming that would leave a lasting impression on all attendees and ensure that the content captured would live on forever on their respective platforms. Various instagrammable moments were created, including tepees with on-brand decorations and interactive programming included a make-your-own Moët Mojito bar, a glitter tattoo station with colours based on the Moët palette, nomadic hair braiding and an opulent spread of canapés and, of course, endless Moët bottles.

Secondly, to drive pre-event buzz, we conceptualised a creative media drop that played to the content of the event. Hampers included a limited-edition bottle of Moët Brut Imperial with the 150th anniversary design, a bespoke napkin, grapes, and a disposable camera to capture each memorable ‘Moët moment’ on the day itself.

Then, post-event coverage would be secured as we assisted influencers with the development and delivery of their films. We also strategically pitched in event photos to society and luxury lifestyle media to secure post-event press coverage.


During the event, we welcomed a total of 177 guests made up of Singapore’s leading media and influencers – helping to build brand desirability through social media content.

• An increase of 93.2% PR value and 134% wider reach than Moët Grand Day the previous year

• 177 media and influencer guests in total

• 609 posts in total (531 stories and 72 posts)

• PR Value: $1,269,000

• Total reach: 9,293,705

• Average engagement rate 3.43%

• 86% of content posted from the event ‘aligned with the brand’ i.e. containing stylised, on-brand imagery which helped elevate Moët & Chandon within their target audience