Pizza Hut

19 April 2020



The pizza scene in Singapore has been heating up over the past few years, with the likes of Pepperoni Pizza and Pizza Express, along with Dominos, battling for a slice of the market. In the launch of its new Sweet Potato Stuffed Crust, W set out to position Pizza Hut as a fun, lighthearted and enduring pizza player and reignite Singaporeans’ love for the brand.


In order to drive excitement and buzz for both the new sweet potato stuffed crust and Pizza Hut, W identified and played on an element that both shared – “humble roots”. The entire launch event was centred around the main ingredient, the sweet potato. Evoking a sense of nostalgia, we held the launch in a rustic farm setting and also had attendees designing their own tote bags using old-school potato stamping. 


With a tongue-in-cheek approach and championing the humble sweet potato, W reignited and rekindled Singaporeans’ love for Pizza Hut, especially with the younger generation. Through a series of interactive and Instagrammable stations and a trip down memory lane, we managed to cut-through the noise and secure coverage across mainstream dailies and lifestyle publications, as well as generating conversations amongst local food and lifestyle influencers.

• Secured attendance from over 40 media and influencer for the launch event

• Over 100 pieces of coverage in less than a month from both media and influencers

• Total estimated audience reach of over 6 million in under a month