Digital & Social

3 July 2017

Great digital can define a brand. Understanding where your audiences are, how they behave, and what they are looking for is essential in the social age.

We work alongside our clients to identify and understand the people, communities, and conversations that count, ensuring they connect in all the right places – building robust, audience-centric social strategies that deepen and strengthen engagement for the long term.

Customised content is delivered through a virtuoso in-house design and production studio, while a wealth of real-time analytics enable us to constantly optimise output to maximise impact. And bespoke evaluation tools ensure we never lose sight of the detail.

W’s fast-growing Digital & Social division operates in tandem with the agency’s industry-leading Influencer team to forge partnerships that can turbocharge campaigns and transform perceptions. And it’s seamlessly integrated with all of the agency’s other specialist practices to provide a truly joined-up service.