Whilst a consumer PR agency in origin, W offers a full range of marketing services, from SEO, snackable and ad-grade content and influencer engagement to paid & earned social, enterprise communications and events.

For some clients, we develop fully-integrated marketing campaigns (and produce the content that drives them), for others we lead on earned (PR and social) media or act as the PR specialists within an integrated agency team. For all clients, we are an agency without ego who can step up or back as relationships demand.

Our unique, entrepreneurial structure means that we fit around client needs (not vice versa). The specialist vertical expertise we have in areas such as Food & Drink and Music can be brought to bear in its purest form or be part of a broader programme of activity. Our stand-alone Talent, Digital, Enterprise (click here) and Live! divisions can either work autonomously or come together to build and run integrated campaigns. Our specialists can either deliver niche programmes or act as consultants on broader projects.

And our W Group houses agile, specialist consultancies that can either run niche campaigns (around travel or jewellery, for example) or bring deep insight to lifestyle briefs that seek to target specific categories and communities.

Equally, our growing global network – owned offices in London, Singapore (click here), Amsterdam and Newcastle and partnerships in the USA – means that we are well-versed in both tool-kitting centrally-conceived campaigns for international implementation, working with partners to bring them to life or activating campaigns (locally) ourselves.

All of this rich expertise is brought together through a rigorous process that ensures commercial objectives are the beginning and end of every brief, revelatory insights are unearthed as a matter of course and creativity flows through everything we do.

Whether you’re a hospitality business, a food brand, a tech player, a fashion label or a charity, our end product is always consistent: a campaign that earns and monetises fame.

Because we believe that an idea for an idea's sake is art and we are not in the business of art, we’re in the business of business.