Welcome to WX

27 June 2019



A social enterprise recruiting young people that have the talent to carve out successful careers within the communications industry but don’t have further education qualifications.



Be inclusive of underestimated young people who may feel excluded from industries such as PR.

Provide both a career opportunity and on-the-job structured training with support.

Launch a business model that is commercially sustainable and competitive in the market-place.



The London PR industry is famously inaccessible and favours a traditional socio-economic advantage-based recruitment system (money, influence, education).  This inevitably creates limitations – agencies recruit the same type of people, with similar backgrounds and life experiences…  We need to break the system.


The Programme:

3-month paid internship programme at WX, overseen by W Communications exec management team.

Long-term employment in WX (or another W Communications agency within network). Pay and benefits in line with all standard employee contracts.

Recruits will be provided with performance plans, objectives and reviews in order to progress to the next stage.  Each recruit will be assigned a senior mentor to provide consistent guidance and support.

As part of their development they will be involved in a mix of ‘real world’ work, including live briefs for clients such a Unilever and their brands – Marmite, Pot Noodles and Lynx.



Young people 18 – 21, with basic qualifications (GCSE’s or equivalent), who have demonstrated the ambition and creative drive needed to forge a successful career in communications.